Bill challenging Better Together petition passes House Committee

The Missouri House of Representatives’ Committee on General Laws has given its approval of legislation that would allow cities and counties to determine their own destiny in the matters of dissolving or merging.

House Joint Resolution 54 [HJR 54], filed by Rep. Dean Plocher [R-District 89], chairman of the House Standing Committee on General Laws, passed the committee on Monday, April 8.

The resolution was heard in response to a recently filed initiative petition by Better Together that would compel a merger of St. Louis City and County via a statewide vote. HJR 54 calls for amending the state’s Constitution to require a vote concerning the merger or dissolution of a city, or counties, to only be approved if the cities or counties involved in the action agree.

“Changing the state Constitution may be necessary according to the initiative petition, but the decision to merge should be decided by those directly impacted,” Plocher stated. “I vehemently oppose any measure regarding a merger of St. Louis City and County that is only decided by a statewide vote. For my fellow Missourians who live outside of the St. Louis region, it is important to understand the far-reaching effects of such a vote for the entire state.” 

While the resolution has passed the committee, it has not been forwarded to the Speaker of the House for a full vote.

Supporters of the resolution are asking area voters to contact Rep. Rocky Miller (R-124), Chairman of the Legislative Oversight Committee, to urge that the resolution be forwarded to Speaker of the House Elijah Haahr.

Representative Miller may be reached at (573) 751-3604.  His email is Speaker of the House Elijah Haahr’s number is (573) 751-2210.  His email is